by Tuffragettes

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shoplifters of the world <3


released February 1, 1902

Frankie demos



all rights reserved


Tuffragettes London, UK

little tough riotgrrrlz and queercore kidz from London making trans queer feminist synthpunk, moody grooves, and upbeat bratpop

music crushes include x-ray spex, GLOSS, help she can't swim, dregs, dirtygirl, kate nash, ste mccabe, and loads of pop punk that no one likes

If you play instruments, get in touch and LETS FUCKIN GOOOOO we always want a bigger family! <3 *esp guitarists & bassists atm*
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Track Name: Ivory
I walk down streets as if they're in my head
She plays the tambourine in my band
We sing of ivory and precious gems
Her rhythm's in time with the voices of the dead
And my heart is in the architecture
Been constantly defined as a concrete lover
She said it's something that we do together
Blink and you'll miss the part where I surrender

Getting it on, I just need to get out
I hear your voice as if you're in my house
Touches an ivory cell in my brain
A scarlet nerve, and you observe my body change
The pale olive becomes a virgin white
The muscles tense and they contort and move inside
She plays a deep drum as loud as she can
And suddenly the sweet smell of sensation

Muscles, blood and tongue divides
You feel it on yr back and neck at the same time
But you know there's a ghost standing behind
With arms grotesque between yr thighs
The scent hangs heavy like bourgeois perfume
As diamonds grate inside the womb
Her skin shed like a snake and beneath flowers grew
She becomes a meadow and Banquo's ghost plays to an empty room

Track Name: VV
She dances like a genius
I'm so in love with movement
She moves like Michael Jackson
I'm so in love with action
She dance better than I can
I think better than she can
We live in separate worlds
Can't coexist, we burst like balloons

She lives inside a bubble
Can't penetrate her lovely mind
I live so inside out and
I can't relate to no one
Who cares how we inhabit
Spaces that we created
It's how we coexist
And we cannot do it, you tear at my throat

And my stupid skin explodes
You rip off my head
And my long giraffe neck says
A few blood-stained words
That nobody heard
'Cause you were so deeply in shock
And my head was not screwed on
Because you'd ripped it off

Let's add a brand new feeling to our emotions
I got the magic, you got devotion
You make the miracles, I make the money
What the fuck, what the fuck we doing
Animals do the craziest things
Since when was caveman cool again?
The way you moving, so delicious
No but really, is this what love is?

She rock like it's her birthday
I don't know if I am alive
She quotes a famous artist
It sounds like total bullshit
She sings a song in silence
It is a stupid protest
My heart is so percussive
But there are far too many rests

You tried to use my cock against me
So I just took it off
And in hate we almost fucked
But the passion wasn't strong enough
And my aching cunt was warm
But my heart was cold
And you took a piece of soul
On a big piece of bone
And ate the strange thing whole
And I felt I'd always known
That the quiet respect you'd shown
Had never been your own
And your whole identity
Was a reflected self-defence
You'd always thought nothing of me
But of yourself thought even less
Track Name: Gone
Can you stop me feeling lonely?
Can you lead me out of the darkness?
Can you stop me feeling low?
Can you cure me of this phantom madness?
Can you promise one thing only?
That you'll never be my one and only?
That you'll never consume me?
That you'll cruise me? Use me?
Then callously lose me?

Can you stop me feeling helpless?
Can you fight all of my battles for me?
And can make life easy?
And not tell me it shouldn't be
Can you help me live a fantasy?
Can you soothe my sadness?
Embalm me in protective goodness?
And make me strong like a slayer?
And like a player?
Something that someone will remember?

3, 2, 1 and I am gone
No feeling I have is strong
Except to find where I belong
3, 2, 1 and I am dead
Dead in body and in head
I found where I belong and it's
Worse than I feared

Can you be my shepherd?
Could you guide me when my senses fail me?
Cause they fail me often
I'm often blinded by the fear of be'n forgotten
Could you simply stop me feeling?
All this love is a heinous hindrance
Could you stop me existing?
Could you be the one
Holding the needle in the Netherlands?
Track Name: (A)wake
I'm in one of those dreams that goes on forever

We can dance all night
With our eyes all night
Lost in the strobe lights
And the smoke machines
Can only look at your face
When you're looking away
I'm lost for words to say
A haze of beauty
I move towards you
But then away from you
When it becomes too real
I wish you'd reach for me
The feel of hips and waist
And pressing bodies ache
Oh take me home don't wait
It must be fantasy

We're gonna chill all night
Under city lights
Wrapped in blankets tight
On your balcony
You talk about your home
About the things that you've known
And in silence I'm thrown
By your honesty
And you'll play Bratmobile
Like it's no big deal
But deep inside I'll feel
A perfect release
We'll feel the whirlwind love
And the heat of our blood
I'm shaking so damn much
It's almost hurting me

I'm trying to keep
Trying to keep hold
Trying to keep myself comatosed
I know how hard it is to let go
So don't let go
Keep pushing, it'll start to change
Can you feel yourself rearrange?
Your body's taking form inside your brain
And we never have to come back ever again xxxxxxx